Monday, November 26, 2007

Spinning Wheel for sale

I am offering this hardwood spinning wheel at $300. plus shipping. Someone told me that it was made by a company in Scotland called Haldane, but I don't see any identifying markings on this wheel, so I can't verify whether this is true or not. Can you give me any information about this wheel?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Fiber Fantasy Mixed dyed fibers

Am offering six ounce bags of assorted dyed animal fibers. These are great for spinning and felting and you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to styles of yarn you can make. Priced at $12 per bag plus $4.55 for priority mail shipping to anywhere in the US. Outside the US is a little bit more. Contact me with your location, and I will send you a shipping quote.

Fibers are a mixture of fine/medium fine wools from merino and our Blue face leicester cross sheep,mohair from our angora goats, a little alpaca and perhaps some bunny fur or silk fiber. All have been washed and variously dyed to an assortment of colors, and mixed together. Have fun blending them to come up with all kinds of exotic yarns.

Here are some yarns we have made from these fibers:

Blue Face Leicester white wool, washed

Blue Face Leicester is a semi rare breed of long-wooled sheep. These animals produce a fine to medium fine wool that grows in long curly spirals. It has a great feel and bounce and is a luxury handspinning fleece. The wool takes dye very well, and is good for felting too. Because of its fine texture, it is a good choice for blending with exotic fibers like silk, mohair, angora or alpaca. This fleece has been washed and is not greasy.

Offered at $2 per ounce plus shipping.