Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wool mohair blend batts

I have been making some gorgeous batts on my Pat Green drum carder, using some fine soft wool from a merino cross lamb, and some lovely mohair. I have dyed the wool to shades of violet, moss green and blue--teal, and a cerulean. The mohair is dyed grape. I have been swirling in spritzes of mohair to the wool onto the drum carder and am quite pleased with the results. I call these batts "Mediterranean Summer"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Machine knitting cone yarn thread for sale

I am offering more cone yarns for sale. These cones each weigh a little over a pound. The yarn is a thin polyester lace-weight, like a thick sewing or quilting thread. It works for machine knitting or serging as well as for embroidery or crochet. I use it in hand spinning to ply in with my wool singles to make a boucle yarn. It adds strength and color to your wools. You can also ply several of these together for a delightful novelty yarn. These cones are big, and will last you a very long time. I have the following colors:

cypress brown
melon yellow
lemon yellow
periwinkle blue
nile green (pale aqua)
blue-green (turquoise)
grass green
olive green
peacock blue
light wine rose
dark wine (burgundy)
dark apricot
copenhagen blue (slate)
graphite gray
apricot rose
petunia pink (almost fuschia)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rayon lightweight cone yarn

These cones are 100 percent rayon. I have three available. They weight approximately 9 ounces each. The color is a very pleasing, translucent antique pink. They work especially well for weaving projects, but I use them also for plying with my wools and any singles that need to be strengthened or livened up a little. It's a lace weight yarn. I think it is lighter than my browser indicates. I call it "antique rose" --it is a shiny, but muted pink, like a pale pink rose petal, or some of the antique pinks you see in quilts. A lovely yarn.