Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brunette Brown mohair blythe reborn berenguer doll hair

Here is some beautiful, soft mohair that comes from a kid angora goat. It has been shampooed, rinsed, dyed to lovely, modulated shades of brunette. It has been combed and conditioned. This mohair doll hair reminds me of real human hair because it has highlights and lowlights--just like human hair. It is about nine inches long, so it is really easy to work with. You can either make a really good wig for your doll, or else use it for rooting. This mohair has been used by doll hair artists who make reborn dolls, trolls, Blythe doll wigs, Berenguer doll hair rooting, and other kinds of doll wigs. Use this brunette brown mohair doll hair for all of your doll hair needs. Whenever you need a realistic brunette doll hair, this is it!!