Friday, October 3, 2008

Cone Yarns Lot 3

I am offering a new lot of cone yarns. These would all be good for knitting machines, as well as for weaving or hand knitting for fine work. I will describe them as well as I can, if you have questions, feel free to contact me. Shipping from 43952 is extra. Let me know your zip, and which cones you need, and I will weigh them up in a box and give you the best shipping rate. The cones are as follows:

#9 Crème--a light, creamy white Orlon Acrylic, lace weight 14 oz. A soft yarn that would work well for machine knitting, or plying with your handspun singles.

#10 Dark Camel 12 oz. (wool?) light fingering weight, would be good for socks. It feels like wool and would work for knitting machines or hand-knit projects that call for a light fingering weight yarn.

#11. Light camel lace weight 10.4 oz. possibly wool? This yarn would work well for knitting machines, weaving, or plying with your handspun singles. It is a thin strand.

#12 Sand novelty cone—1 lb. 1 oz. approximately a sportsweight, possibly combed cotton? Thin tan strand plied with a flaxen and sorrel/tan looking fibers. Very beautiful and unique. This would be good for weaving.