Monday, March 31, 2008

Deep blush bulky weight boucle wool

Yarn specs: This is approximately 300 yds. of a commercial double ply heavy weight boucle yarn. I bought a lot of it to make a sweater, and I believe it is 100% wool, a superwash, I think. I am offering the remaining 300 yds. at $15 plus shipping. Color is a deep but soft red that I call "blush".

Some of our favorite natural fiber products

Here are some items that we love to make. The ones pictured are all in natural white, but we also make them in dyed colors. The problem is, like most hand-made items, they sell faster than we can make them, especially when you consider that the yarn is handspun, and fiber often comes from our own animals.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Handpainted angora wool yarn for sale

Yarn specs: These are approx. 100 yd. skeins of an angora wool blend, single ply, hand painted to shades of rose and blue. They have a thick and thin texture, and are between a sportsweight and a lightweight yarn. They are fun to knit with, and great for livening up a project. Offered at $5 each, plus $3 shipping on one or both to US locations. Outside the US please inquire.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Angora rayon yarn

This yarn is made of a fuzzy strand of white angora rabbit fiber plied with a shimmery strand of white rayon. They complement each other to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to yarn. You get the softness, fuzziness, and warmth of angora, plus the strength, shimmer and perfect drape of rayon. We use this yarn all the time for knitting, crochet, and especially for weaving. Offered at $12 per 100 yds. plus shipping. It's a great yarn.

Red Cone yarn SOLD


Here is a cone of red yarn that weighs over two pounds. I think it is cotton, or else a wool/cotton blend, though I am not sure. It is a thin, lace weight yarn. I love to use it to ply with a strand of my wool or mohair. There is a ton of it on this cone. It would also work for machine knitting. Offered at $15 plus shipping.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pink wool blend bulky weight yarn

This yarn is a medium pink in color, very soft, single ply, thick and thin texture. It is between a worsted and a heavyweight yarn, and knits up fast. It is made of wool with synthetic binder so that it won't felt when you wash it. It is a very nice and soft yarn .