Monday, December 31, 2007

Assorted Angora Yarns

1. Violet Angora Yarn: Approximately a sportsweight, this yarn is a medium lavender, and is composed of a strand of 100% angora bunny fur plied with a coordinating strand of mercerized cotton thread. It has a lovely bumpy thick and thin texture. Approximately 123 yards. for $12.00 plus ship. Only one left

2. Handpainted shades of pale green, blue, and very pale creamy yellow. 100% angora bunny fur, double plied, Approximately 35 yds. for $5 plus ship. (May have more of this)

3. Dove Gray merino/angora plied with pure white angora strand sportsweight: Exquisitely soft and elegant, you get approximately 80 yds. of this sportsweight yarn for $10 plus ship. It has such a pretty fuzz, and will make a perfect next to skin garment yarn. Only one left.

4. Light blue 100% angora bunny fur yarn, double plied--this is a lace weight yarn, approximately 70 yards. We make and sell a great deal of this yarn. It is extremely soft and fluffy, but surprisingly strong. Excellent for baby items. $6 for 33 yd. skein plus ship. More available

Light blue