Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Handspinners odd ball and sample sale

I am cleaning up my yarn room and offering various skeins or balls of yarn for sale at $2 per ounce. Shipping (from 43952) is extra, but if you buy two pounds or more, you get free shipping. The yarn is mostly handspun, some is dyed, some is natural colors (shades of brown, white, tan, gray). Almost all are composed of natural fibers--wools, mohairs, angora, silk, cotton, rayon, or blends, etc. There are a few that have novelty components--e.g. a strand of metallic, or some angelina, or some razzle-dazzle type novelty yarn. Some of the yarn is handspinners' or handpainters experiments, or left-overs from large custom orders or projects. So you get a variety of colors, textures, weights and fibers. Yardage ranges from about 25 yds. to over 200 yds. You can specify if you want natural colors, or dyed yarn, or a mixture of both. Here is a picture of some of the yarn I have skeined up. I will put up more pictures as I go through the room. I think I have at least 10 lbs of assorted yarns.