Saturday, November 8, 2008

100 % angora bunny fur yarn

white angora

blue angora


yellow angora

pink angora

gray angora

lavender angora

Most people don't know that there are both angora goats and angora rabbits that produce fiber used in yarn. Both types of fiber yarns can be described as angora yarn. However, most of the time, people who sell exotic yarns know enough to label the angora goat hair yarn as "mohair" and the angora rabbit fur yarn as "angora." Generally speaking, angora rabbit fur yarn is softer than angora goat hair yarn, mohair, though I have felt some angora goat hair yarn--kid mohair, that is so soft, it could be mistaken for pure angora rabbit fur yarn, especially when dyed. I make and sell both types of angora yarn: angora rabbit fur yarn, and mohair-- angora goat hair yarn. My favorite yarn is the angora rabbit fur yarn. The following are my favorite colors: pale blue, natural white, pale pink, pale yellow, light gray, and pale lavendar. I sell a lot of 100 % angora rabbit fur yarn. It is offered at $ 15. per 35 yds. skein, double ply, approximately a fingering weight. Shipping is $3 per skein, but if you want more, let me know how many and I will invoice you through PayPal and adjust the shipping. You can always reach me at: If you buy at least $150 worth, I will ship it free to US locations. If you need other colors of one hundred percent angora rabbit fur yarn, let me know.