Saturday, January 3, 2009

recycled Silk scraps for spinning or crafting

Iam offering half pound bags of assorted recycled 100% silk scraps. I collect the silk to use for making recycled silk yarn and silk quilts, pillows, purses, frames, cards and other cute fiber crafts. Pieces are odd sizes and a variety of colors. Bags are $10 for half a pound, plus $4.80 for shipping to US locations.

I make recycled silk yarn in several different ways. One way to make recycled silk yarn is to cut very thin strips of silk and then spin it, when you get to the end of a strip of recycled silk, you can splice it, loop it, and spin it to the next piece. Another way I spin it is to take a piece of tussah silk roving and a lot of very thin strips of recycled silk, and spin them together for a textured, colorful yarn.

Recycled silk yarn can also be made by using other fibers--wool, angora, etc--just chop or shred your silk and put spritzes of it in as you ply or spin your roving or batt. Of course, this is a silk blend yarn, but can be really lovely.

Sometimes I use my rotary cutter to shred or make thin strips of silk. You can make some great recycled silk yarns if you use your imagination and some silk scrap.

If you just want some recycled silk yarn, without making it yourself, I will make some for you at $10 per 50 yds, plus shipping. It will be spun with some colorful wool and will be a bulky weight yarn. It will be a multi-color yarn.