Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dyed rovings for handspinning, felting

Denim blue--you get lights and darks as you might see in stone-washed denim.
Gray twisted with aquamarine and grape. These work great together or separate.
Grape--the color is really very purple. My browser makes it look blue, but it's not. Very lustrous and fun.
Aquamarine, this is brighter with more variations of light to dark than my browser implies. This has a dash of glittery glitz in it too.
Red roses--a range of pale pink to deep red, with black overtones (SOLD). I have a lighter space dyed rose and cream available. Pictures coming soon, ask me about it!
Ironstone--a lovely, lustrous gray. I hope there is some of this left for me to spin.

Here are soft, lustrous some dyed rovings ready for use. They spin like a dream and are great for felting fun too. Colors are vivid and beautiful. May appear different depending on your screen.