Friday, January 4, 2008

handpainted 100% angora yarn

Angora Yarns: The yarns listed on this page are double ply, and most are a lightweight yarn, great for socks, mittens, hats, baby items, and special trims to liven or soften up your better quality knitting project. Yarns are $5.50 per skein, plus shipping. I can ship anywhere. It cost about $2. to send one to three skeins to US locations. 4 skeins or more can go by priority mail to US locations for $4.55. Contact me with questions at

lightweight pastel blues, greens, double ply, approx. 35 yds. each 4 available.
lightweight pastel yellows, blue, green double ply, approx. 35 yds. each, 3 in stock

pastel melon, blues, greens approx. 35 yds. each, lightweight, 2 in stock

various pastel tones, light sportsweight, approx 35 yds. one in stock

pastel greens, lavender, pinks, lightweight, 2 in stock, approx. 35 yds each

Cranberry, blue, rose, approx. 35 yds., 1 in stock, sports/worsted wt.